Nomad Residences Wynwood
The Nomad Brand

The soul of NoMad—an elevated balance of old-school glamour, industrial edge and enduring design

Global Style

NoMad Hotels are celebrated across the globe and consistently ranked among the best in the world—their design ethos inspired by the homes of well-traveled global citizens. Born in New York City, NoMad transformed a bargain wholesale district into the rich and vibrant epicenter of midtown Manhattan. With hotels in London, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, their intuitive approach embraces and absorbs the energy and individuality of each location.

Nomad Global Style
Nomad Culinary

Local Taste

Built on fostering the next generation of visionary talent, the NoMad experience is rooted in a culinary vision that brings together the collective spirit of both the community and the location: thoughtful, imaginative, and welcoming to all.

Designed for living artfully

Art In-Residence

The soul of NoMad is in its extraordinary artwork, commissioned from and curated by the world’s finest museums, galleries and collectors, pieces that evoke, elevate and endure.

Art In-Residence